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Polar 2006   F Series
Polar FS2  $59
Polar F4 Blue  $84
Polar F4 Black $84
Polar F6 Black  $99
Polar F6  Blue $99
Polar F6 Pink  $99
Polar F11 Black  $154
Polar F11 Red $154
Polar F11 Blue $154
Polar F55  $199

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Mio Ultimate $159 (chest strap included)
Mio Shape Select $115 (no chest strap)
Mio Shape Select Strap 2 Pack Red/Light Blue $30
Mio Shape Select Strap 2 Pack Green/Dark Blue $30

Mio Shape Select Petite $115 (no chest strap)
Mio Shape Select Petite 2 Strap Pack 
Black/Red,  Black/Blue $30
Mio Shape Select Petite 2 Strap Pack 
Peach/Grey,  Green/Black $30

Mio Shape Black $89 (no chest strap)  closeout
Mio Sport Select $99 (no chest strap)   
Mio Wave $84 (no chest strap)

Impulse Blue/Black $69 (no chest strap)  
Impulse Black/Silver $69 (no chest strap)  


Reebok Strapless Blue/Black $69 (no chest strap) 
Reebok Strapless Silver/Black $69 (no chest strap)
  (Free Pedometer with purchase)

Reebok Fitness Trainer $79
Reebok Precision Trainer $109

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Polar S (Series)
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Polar S210 $174
Polar S410 $199 
Polar S520 $229 
Polar S610i $249  
Polar S625X $319   
Polar IR Interface $59  (USB 2.0)  
Polar S720 $279 
Polar S725 $319 
Power Sensor for S710, S720 $329
Polar S810i $359
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Tanita Body Fat Scales
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Tanita TBF 682W   $79.95
Scales ship by UPS Ground

Omron HBF-306  $59

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Timex GPS Products 
 Timex 100 lap GPS 5E701         $159  
 Timex 100 lap GPS 5E691         $159  

 Timex 30 lap Heart Rate Monitor     $79
 Timex Bodylink100 lap GPS  T59561  $209
        (no heart rate chest strap included)
 Timex Bodylink100 lap GPS  5F011 $239
 Timex Bodylink100 lap GPS and Datalink $299
 Timex Trailrunner  5C392 $289
 Timex Trailrunner with Datalink 5C392 $349
 Timex Datalink   $64

(Free Gym Bag with Acumen monitor purchase)

Acumen Eon Basix Mens              $49
Acumen Eon Basix ES Womens   $49
Acumen Basix Plus Mens             $79
Acumen Basix Plus Womens        $79
Acumen TZ Max 100                $219
Acumen Transmitter                    $39
Acumen Elastic Strap                  $8

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Cardiosport Go $54
Cardiosport Go 10  $74
Cardiosport Go 20  $84
Cardiosport Go 30  $99
Cardiosport Sport Impulse  9   $64  (w/ chest strap)
Cardiosport Sport Impulse 12   $74  (w/chest strap)
Cardiosport Premier $79
Cardiosport Profile $109
Cardiosport Graphx $89   
Cardiosport Xtreme $109  
Cardiosport Ultima $189  
Cardiosport Contour Lite Transmitter $39
Cardiosport Elastic Strap $8
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Polar Accessories  Cardiosport  Acumen  Books, Accessories  Timex, Tanita Scales, Body Fat  Shipping 

 These books and Accessories
(20% off with heart monitor purchase)
Electrolyte Cream $9  5 oz
2 Bottles Electrolyte Cream $16  (5 oz)
Polar Bike Mount $12
Heart Zone Training, Sally Edwards $12
Heart Monitor Book, Sally Edwards $12
Precision Heart Rate, Ed Burke $16
Polar Elastic Strap $8    
Polar T31 Elastic Strap $8  
Polar Heart Bra $35
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 Polar Accessories

Polar Transmitter T31  $39 
Polar Wearlink Transmitter Code  $54
Polar Coded Transmitter T31C  $60
Polar Speed Sensor $45
Polar Cadence Sensor $45

     Shipping Information  
USPS  First Class $6              ($7 Priority if over 12 ounces)
USPS Priority Mail $7            ($6 Mail  if under 7 ounces)   
UPS Ground $8.5                     
UPS 2nd Day $12                      (1lb $1 extra for each additional pound,  48 States)
UPS Overnight Saver $25         (1lb $2 extra for each additional pound,  48 States)
UPS Overnight 10:30am $29     (1lb $2 extra for each additional pound,  48 States)
UPS Saturday Delivery   $44      (Use only for Friday orders, otherwise overnight is delivered Monday)

These Rates may not be guaranteed based on location
UPS 2nd Day $25  (AK,HI,PR)      (1lb $1 extra for each additional pound,  Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)
UPS Overnight $41  (AK,HI,PR)    (1lb $3 extra for each additional pound,  Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)
International,  we know the best and least expensive way to your country
A heart monitor weighs between 8oz  and 1.5 pounds

Choose a shipping method or we will pick best way based on location and items purchased.  UPS sometimes charges extra for Rural Delivery.  In this case we may switch to the post office.

                          Massachusetts  resident only      

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